• 7v7 games

• Field size 180' x 80' and 150' x 70'

• Competitive, Intermediate, Recreational and Social leagues forming 

• We provide a safe playing environment for all skill levels with highly trained and certified referees


Men, women, and co-ed teams are assigned to leagues on their skill and desired level of competition. Adult skill levels are designated as follows:

• Premier teams are the highest level and are very competitive. These teams often have individuals with college or professional soccer playing experience.

• Competitive teams are moderately competitive. Competitive players have typically played in high school and continued playing at a high level.

• Intermediate teams are mid-level teams. Intermediate players are above recreational or those with some soccer playing experience.

• Recreational teams are beginning/recreational. Recreational players are beginners or those with little or no soccer playing experience. 

• Corporate teams are formed of employees only. All players from one team must work for the same company. This is an open level league.