Select your sports, pick your package, and come to SportsHouse! Start with an hour of coached sports on either a turf field OR sports court, followed by an hour of celebrating in our Grill. Enjoy fresh, delicious food and drinks from our diverse Pros Party menus.  Not hungry? Simply select SportsHouse 20 for a fun-filled hour of "sports only". More than 20? Book additional packages!

What's included

  • Up to 20 players per package

  • 1 hour of play time on the Turf OR Court

  • Dedicated party coach during sports activities

  • Choice of menu from the packages listed below

  • Each menu includes 4 pitchers of soda and 1 hour of reserved seating

  • Beer and wine are available for an additional charge

1. Pick Your Sports

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 2.50.41 PM.png

2.Pick Your package

Pizza and Salad

Three pizzas with three toppings • salad or fruit platter
$575 for up to 20 players $28.75 per additional player

Grill Station

Grilled marinated New York steak • grilled marinated chicken breast • grilled veggie skewers • mashed potatoes • salad or fruit platter
$800 for up to 20 players $40 per additional player

Appetizer Station

Pick 6 hot or cold house-made appetizers from our party menu • salad or fruit platter
Appetizer Menu
$750 for up to 20 players $37.50 per additional player

Burger/Grilled Chicken Sandwich Bar

Hamburgers • Grilled chicken breast • French fries • condiments • salad or fruit platter
* Veggie burgers upon request
$675 for up to 20 players $33.75 per additional player

Taco Bar

Choose from grilled chicken, steak, carnitas, or veggies • shredded lettuce • onions
cilantro • homemade salsa • whole pinto beans • tortillas • salad or fruit platter
$700 for up to 20 players $35 per additional player

SportsHouse 20

1 hour of sports
No food or drinks included.
$350 for up to 20 players $25 per additional player

3. Extras

  • Bubble Soccer (10 bubbles) $250 per hour

  • Extra sport with coach on field or court $120 per 30 min

  • Extra party time in party zone/Grill $80 per 30 min

  • Extra coach time $40 per hour

  • SportsHouse logo t-shirt $ 16

Party Platters

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter* (feeds 16-20) $35

Veggie Platter* $25

Chicken Wings (30 pieces) $40 Choice of Buffalo or BBQ

Chicken Tender (25 pieces) $30

Cheese Quesadillas (30 pieces) $30 Add meat for $5 (grilled chicken, steak, or carnitas)

Homemade Hummus* $30 Served with freshly cut veggies

Empanadas* (12 pieces) $30 Choice chicken or shredded beef

French Fries $15

Guacamole $20 Served with tortilla chips

Nachos $30 Add meat for $5 (grilled chicken or steak)

Sliders* (12 pieces) $35 Choice of BBQ pork or Beef *add cheese or bacon for $0.50 each

Deviled Eggs* (15 pieces) $25

Stuffed Mushrooms* (20 pieces) $35

Crispy Taquitos* (18 pieces) $25 Choice of beef or chicken

Caesar Salad (feeds 16-20) $25 

* Food items that need to be ordered 48 hours in advance (If less than 48 hours, please contact Kicks Sports and Grill at (650) 362-4109) 

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