1. Schedules -  The full schedules for all age groups will be posted on 4-5 days before the first game of the season. Once the schedules are set, each team will have 1-week to review and make schedule change requests. These requests are not guaranteed, but they will be reviewed. NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE AFTER THE FISRT WEEK OF THE SEASON.

Q: How do I find our schedule?:   

  • A:You can find the schedules and standings at: www.Sportshouse.us - On the top right hand corner you will find the Register button. Click Register and follow the steps. If you have a smart phone you can also download our app MySAM Mobile that will give you access leagues standing and schedules.

2. League and Match Rules - Rules and Guidelines are on our website www.Sportshouse.us and you can also find it on the attachment below. At some ages we have combined age groups to round off the age group.

3. SportsHouse Waivers - All players/participants at SportsHouse must will out a waiver form before they are allowed to participate or step on any of our fields or courts. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for signing the waiver.

4. Jerseys - Teams MUST have matching jerseys or color coordinated shirts. Home team is responsible to change if we have conflicting colors. If the home team does not have an alternate jersey, we can provide practice jersey for the team. Please check-in at the front desk with us.

5. No Cleats - We only allow indoor turf shoes on our playing fields. THIS IS FINAL. PLEASE ASK BEFORE IF YOU HAVE ANY CONFUSION BETWEEN AND INDOOR SOCCER SHOE AND A TURF SHOE.

6. Team Payment - Full team payment is required before the 1st game of the season. Please check-in at the front desk to make payments.  Each player (parent) is responsible for his or her own individual payment. NO PRORATE

7. Warm-Up Time - We generally do not have much time to offer a full warmup. Indoor soccer warmup is usually 5-10 minutes. To explain, SportsHouse is a multi-purpose facility that Indoor Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Flag Football, Futsal and as you will see on the weekends; Birthday Parties. We usually schedule 10-12 birthday parties on Saturdays and Sunday, which makes it difficult for us to block off much time for warmups. WE OPERATE ON A RUNNING CLOCK.

8. Player Registration – This can be done online (www.sportshouse.us) or in person.  This has to be done between now and your first game.  No player will be allowed to play until this is done. Player Eligibility: 
All games are 7v7. In youth divisions, youth soccer matrix shall be used to determine a player’s age for league participation. All teams should carry proof of age for all players in case an eligibility protest are filed. This proof may include, but is not limited to CYSA ID cards, Nor Cal Cards, birth certificates, and school identification cards. Please present players cards at first game of the season. If player cards are not available, we could also use a copy of the birth certificate.

9. Free-Agents – We do sign up players on an individual basis, but unlike AYSO or other recreational programs we do not form teams. To explain, the  majority of the teams playing in our leagues are CYSA or NorCal teams that playing in other leagues. When players that do not have a teams sign up, we call them free-agents. If we do have enough players in one specific age-group, we will do our best to form a team. SportsHouse does not provide a coach or a practice field. These teams are formed just to participate in the league games. We do recommend that if we do form a free-agent team that the parents of this group find a coach volunteer to coach the games.

10. Forfeit- Any team that forfeits a game will be charged a $50 forfeit fee and must be paid prior to the next game played.