SOCCER BALLS: HOME team is responsible to provide the game ball. Home team must supply the game ball, if the home team cannot supply the game ball before a BLUE card penalty will be issued to the HOME team. 2 minutes must be served by one of the players. No warming up with ball on walkway floor. 

EQUIPMENT: Outdoor cleats are not allowed on the field of play. Only running shoes or indoor soccer shoes are allowed.Flats, Tennis, Indoor Turf Shoes only. Shinguards are MANDATORY No jewelry, watches, anything on or around the wrist or hats may be worn on the field. Referee has final decision. Every field player must wear the same color jersey with at least a 6” number on the back. Each player must be assigned his/her own number. Home team changes in case of color conflict. Home team is listed first on Game Schedule. Knee braces, ankle braces, and casts must be padded and covered. Referee will inspect and has final say. No one but the player is responsible for requesting permission from the referee to be allowed to play. 

GAME LENGTH: Each game will consist of two 20 minutes halves and a 30-seconds halftime. The clock will begin running at referees discretion. At halftime, the clock will be set at 20:30minutes and start counting down. Each team on the field is responsible to be out of the bench area ready to play at 20:00minute-mark. A team must have 2 players less than field maximum to begin a game. Balls must be off the field immediately after the referee calls for them. If a team is unable to start after 4 minutes has expired, their opponent will be awarded one goal. If a team is 5 minutes late, their opponent is awarded a second goal. If a team is not prepared to play after 10 minutes has expired, their opponent is awarded a forfeit win. (3-0). 

FORFEITS: No Shows / Forfeits / Re-Schedules. If your scheduled opponent does not show up, or is unable to field a team, your team will be allowed to scrimmage in the time allowed for the game. We cannot guarantee that no show games will be rescheduled; however we will make every attempt necessary to facilitate a rescheduled game. Team that does not show up will be charged a $50.00 fee. $25.00 will go to team account that showed up for the game and the remaining $25.00 will go to administrative and referee fees. Any team leaving the field of play prior to the conclusion of the game will forfeit the game. A team will be removed from the league if it forfeits (no shows) two games during the season. 

MATCH RULES: Visiting team kicks-off on the Referees whistle. 5 Second Rule: If a player taking a kick delays longer than 5 seconds after having placed the ball for restart, the ball will be turned over to the opposing team to take the restart.Opponent must be 5-steps AUTOMATIC (5 yards away). Blue card may be issued. Out of Bounds: The ball is out of play when it touches the netting above the perimeter wall or goes completely over the wall. 3-Line Rule Violation: The floor is divided into 4 sections by 3 lines. Anytime the ball is kicked or thrown completely over three lines, toward the opponent's goal by the attacking team, a 3-line violation is called. The opponents are given a "Restart" with a free kick at the center of the first line closest to the opponents goal. Kick In: When the ball passes over the perimeter wall or the netting, it shall be kicked in from the point where if passed over the wall or hit the netting and within 3 feet of the wall. The ball may be played in any direction by a player of the team opposite to that of the player who last touched it before it left the field. The ball shall be in play immediately after it has traveled half of its circumference. 

Any player, coach, or spectator for a team that causes a game to be abandoned by the referee will be considered the guilty party in the abandonment and the opposing team will win by a forfeit victory. (3-0) Scoring purposes. No Timeouts. Time Stoppage for Serious Injury: The clock may be stopped for serious injuries or if the ball leaves the perimeter wall, at referees discretion.

Free substitutions are allowed throughout the game. The player leaving the field must have at least one foot within 3 feet of the player’s box door and be within the white stripped line before another is allowed to enter the field. After a goal is scored, multiple substitutions are allowed as long as the players leave the field within 10 seconds. 

A player that jumps over the dasher board wall from the player’s box during a substitution will be assessed a two minutes penalty (Blue Card). Any kick taken from a white dot must wait for the referee to blow the whistle before the ball can be put into play. The only time a whistle will be blown to put the ball in play is when a referee instructs a player to wait for a whistle or when a player asked the referee for distance when an opposing team attempts to set up a wall. All kicks are direct. The kickoff does not have to go forward. If a team intentionally passes back to the keeper, the keeper may not handle the ball with his hands. The keeper may not receive the ball with his hands on; a kick off the boards or glass from their own team. This will be assed as a direct kick from white line. A goal can be scored on a kickoff. If the ball hits the top net from a kickoff, the ball is placed on the kicking teams side of the field and the opposing team is awarded a free kick from the white dot. 

No Food, Candy, Gum or Sport Drinks in Player Boxes or on Field. Do not punt the ball. If the goalie punts or drop kicks the ball, the opposing team is awarded a kick from the top of the penalty area. A direct kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the top (white dot) of the penalty area. Goalies may slide inside the box. Any foul by a goalie inside the penalty area is an automatic penalty shot. After making a save or receiving the ball off the net, a goalie must play the ball outside the keeper zone or area before the referee counts to 5 (within 5 seconds). Blue card issued to GK – a teammate may serve the penalty. Yellow Card to GK, the GK must serve the 4-minute penalty. 

PLAYER AND TEAM CONDUCT Everyone must follow all of the facility rules. Teams are required to inform spectators that they must remain in the seating area during the game. Anyone not wishing to abide by this rule will be asked to leave the facility. Only ONE spokesperson per team is permitted. This is the designated manager/captain of the team (must be designated on the roster or in the event that the team captain is not present the alternate must be assigned prior to the start of the game). He or she will accept full responsibility for the team’s actions. If a team defaults/forfeits two games during a season, must report to the SportsHouse Staff regarding their continued participation in the league. Two red card violations, per team, of any nature called during a game will result in a forfeited game. Misconduct will not be tolerated. Any player receiving 2 red-cards in one season will be suspended from the league. An individual, player, coach, or spectator behaving in a threatening way to an official, supervisor, or opposing player will be required to leave the facility and will be suspended indefinitely from all SportsHouse activities. Anyone intoxicated or thought to be under the influence will be asked to leave the facility immediately. All players involved in fighting will be suspended immediately and charges may apply. Players or spectators involved in fights or threatening behavior to SportsHouse Staff, officials, or opposing players, will be suspended for an indefinite period of time from all activities. 

REFEREES: Each game played at SportsHouse will consist of at least one referee. Referee fees are included with registration fees. Complaints and Protests require a 24-hour grace period before they may be submitted in writing to the front office accompanied by a $50.00 bond. This is non- refundable if the decision goes against the protesting team. SportsHouse Management has the final say on all matters. No parents are allowed to open the field doors during the run of play. We ask that the parents wait for their child outside of the field. If any instance a parents approaches a referee for complaint, the league manager will address the situation with the head coach. 

NO SLIDE TACKLING--NO SPITTING--NO ABUSIVE LANGUAGE OR GESTURES Time Penalties: The following penalties apply to offenses for which a Card is issued (subject to further action by the Administration/Management): . 

(a) Blue Card: 2-minute Time Penalty in the Penalty Area; Players allowed back into game after 2-minutes are served or goal by other team. 2 Blues = Yellow. . (b) Yellow Card (for a player’s second Blue Card): 4-minute Time Penalty for the Blue Card and a warning of the subsequent possibility of an ejection; Player(s) allowed back in 2 goals scored by opposing team. . (c) Red Card (for a player’s fourth Blue Card): 2-minute Time Penalty and ejection; 3 Blue Cards in 1 game for any team/player results in a penalty kick from the spot for opposing and 2 minute penalty. Blue Yellow Red Duration 2 minutes 4 minutes 

If Opponent Scores Team returns to full strength 2 GOALS Team returns to full strength Team remains shorthanded for entire duration Individual Foul Servers duration off field Serves duration off field Ejected. Must exit building promptly Team Foul Player serving penalty may return Player serving penalty may return N/A BLUE CARD : Any player issued a Blue Card or Yellow Card has 5-seconds to exit the field. If the player does not exit in proper manner, he/she may be issued another card. 

LEAGUE STANDINGS: Standings are based on the following point system: 

> 3 points per win 

> 1 point for a tie 

> 0 points per loss 

> -1 for forfeit Forfeit Wins are worth 3 points


Summer League 2018


SportsHouse Age Matrix


1. Schedules -  The full schedules for all age groups will be posted on 4-5 days before the first game of the season. Once the schedules are set, each team will have 1-week to review and make schedule change requests. These requests are not guaranteed, but they will be reviewed. NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE AFTER THE FISRT WEEK OF THE SEASON.

Q: How do I find our schedule?:   

  • A:You can find the schedules and standings at: - On the top right hand corner you will find the Register button. Click Register and follow the steps. If you have a smart phone you can also download our app MySAM Mobile that will give you access leagues standing and schedules. 

2. League and Match Rules - Rules and Guidelines are on our website and you can also find it on the attachment below. At some ages we have combined age groups to round off the age group.

3. SportsHouse Waivers - All players/participants at SportsHouse must will out a waiver form before they are allowed to participate or step on any of our fields or courts. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for signing the waiver.

4. Jerseys - Teams MUST have matching jerseys or color coordinated shirts. Home team is responsible to change if we have conflicting colors. If the home team does not have an alternate jersey, we can provide practice jersey for the team. Please check-in at the front desk with us.

5. No Cleats - We only allow indoor turf shoes on our playing fields. THIS IS FINAL. PLEASE ASK BEFORE IF YOU HAVE ANY CONFUSION BETWEEN AND INDOOR SOCCER SHOE AND A TURF SHOE.

6. Team Payment - Full team payment is required before the 1st game of the season. Please check-in at the front desk to make payments.  Each player (parent) is responsible for his or her own individual payment. NO PRORATE

7. Warm-Up Time - We generally do not have much time to offer a full warmup. Indoor soccer warmup is usually 5-10 minutes. To explain, SportsHouse is a multi-purpose facility that Indoor Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Flag Football, Futsal and as you will see on the weekends; Birthday Parties. We usually schedule 10-12 birthday parties on Saturdays and Sunday, which makes it difficult for us to block off much time for warmups. WE OPERATE ON A RUNNING CLOCK.

8. Player Registration – This can be done online ( or in person.  This has to be done between now and your first game.  No player will be allowed to play until this is done. Player Eligibility: 
All games are 7v7. In youth divisions, youth soccer matrix shall be used to determine a player’s age for league participation. All teams should carry proof of age for all players in case an eligibility protest are filed. This proof may include, but is not limited to CYSA ID cards, Nor Cal Cards, birth certificates, and school identification cards. Please present players cards at first game of the season. If player cards are not available, we could also use a copy of the birth certificate.

9. Free-Agents – We do sign up players on an individual basis, but unlike AYSO or other recreational programs we do not form teams. To explain, the  majority of the teams playing in our leagues are CYSA or NorCal teams that playing in other leagues. When players that do not have a teams sign up, we call them free-agents. If we do have enough players in one specific age-group, we will do our best to form a team. SportsHouse does not provide a coach or a practice field. These teams are formed just to participate in the league games. We do recommend that if we do form a free-agent team that the parents of this group find a coach volunteer to coach the games.

10. Forfeit- Any team that forfeits a game will be charged a $50 forfeit fee and must be paid prior to the next game played.