Spring SEASON BEGINS MAy 6TH, Sign-up your team today!

Join us Sunday nights with your friends for a great evening of flag football at SportsHouse. Relive the glory days and make new memories in this fun, fast-paced league.


  • 10 regular season games guaranteed
  • Playoffs: all teams make the playoffs
  • 15 minute halves
  • 5v5
  • $600 for the season
  • Every week includes a double header 
  • Player stats will be kept
  • Season MVP Awards

Official Game Rules

🔸QB has 7 seconds to pass unless he is handed the ball. After being handed the ball he will have 12 seconds to pass.

🔸If the ball is not thrown or crossed the line of scrimmage by the time the time is up it will be a dead ball.

🔸QB cannot run in the no run zone.

🔸QB can only run once per half of the field without being handed the ball and that is only if a teams sends a rusher.

🔸QB cannot flag guard while running away from rusher.

🔸QB arm must be in motion while before crossing the line of scrimmage. Meaning his body forsure has to be behind but his arm could be in motion.

🔸QB can throw it back as many times in the 12 seconds.

🔸Offsides is 5 yards back.

🔸In the endzone wide reveiver has to catch it before using wall. Meaning you cannot have your body against the wall and catch it. 

🔸Your center must snap it between the legs.

🔸Your center cannot run into or block the rusher. It will be a loss of down and 5 yards.

🔸No bump and run.

🔸Rusher must be 7 yards back and either 2 yards to the left or 2 yards to the right.

🔸Your welcome to send in as many rushers possible.

🔸If a double pass is being used your rusher must come in before any defender crosses the line.

🔸No hitting the quarterbacks arm at all. If will be an automatic first down and 5 yards.

🔸Any defensive pass interference call will result in a automatic first down and spot of the foul.

🔸Interceptions allow 1 laterall.

🔸If offense has 1 flag on all is needed is one touch.

🔸15 Minute Halves.

🔸1 timeout per half.

🔸No name calling or disrespect. You will be out and get your first warning.

🔸3 ejections in one season and your done for the whole season.

🔸All teams must stay inside the gate.

🔸1 minute halftime.

🔸4 minute warmup.

🔸1 minute warning in second half.

🔸1st down after one minute stops time. Incomplete stops time. Out of bounds stops time.

🔸20 seconds between plays.

🔸Taunting 5 yards.

🔸New Rule. Every team must wait 10 seconds between drives for other team to snap the ball.

🔸Extra points. 5 yards for 1. 10 yards for 2.

🔸Interceptions on a extra point taking to the house are 2 points.

🔸If ball is snapped and lands in endzone it is a safety.

🔸A flag guard in the endzone is a safety.

🔸No tripping. Youll be out of the game for it.

🔸Holding someones to pull there flags is a 5 yard penalty from spot of the foul.

🔸Ball from the top of the net is live. 

🔸No jumping, No Diving

🔸Spot is by the hips not by the ball.

🔸4 downs to get halfway. If you go for it on 4th down and miss the other team will take over at the spot of the ball. If you elect to punt, team will start from start of field.

🔸No fumbles

🔸If reveiver has ball in his hands with two feet down it is a catch. Even if it is punched out.

🔸Endzone catches must have 2 feet in bounds. All catches must be 2 fee in bounds.

🔸Team has 1 minute to exit field after game.